Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 1 of Preschool at Home

So far, we're off to a great start for the year! We are easing our way into school gracefully, with just 2 short days this week.  We're following a schedule that has us working on one letter a week, one number a week, and a color of the month.   Anything beyond that we will start adding into the curriculum once we get the hang of the school days, and have a solid routine.

Letter of the week: A
Number of the week: 1
Color of the month: Red

I'm excited to share with you how we are approaching this!

Kyla is memorizing a verse of the Bible every week that goes along with the letter of the week. 

This week we used Psalm 17:8 "Keep me as the Apple of your eye."  Along with that, we incorporated lots of apple themed stuff to go along with the verse she is learning.  We discussed what kinds of things we can do with apples, and she helped me bake this Apple Chips recipe I found on Pinterest.  And, we're planning to bake Apple Pie together next week.  It's still a little too hot outside for the next few days for us to turn the oven on that high.

Another thing we did with the color red, and the number '1', was coloring this picture of a red
barn.  It had one horse in it, and she practiced tracing the number '1' on the bottom of the page.

With Kendrick, I'm still figuring out how to get him involved and learning things alongside Kyla, so that he feels a part of school.  He has a huge desire to be a part of everything she's doing, and is even trying to recite her Bible verse with her.  This week I let him color pictures of apples, talked with him also about the color red, and let him play with stickers.   I'm working on putting a couple of bins together with special learning items for Kendrick to play with during the school day, I will be posting this soon!

Kendrick had a little trouble getting the stickers apart from the paper, so I had to peel each of the stickers back a bit before giving him the sticker sheet.

Last, but not least, this cute little CD came as a gift from my sweet neighbor friend. This has all the letters and Bible verses we'll be working on through the year, along with a catchy little tune to help the kids have fun memorizing.  So, in the morning before we start our school day, the kids get all their wiggles out wihle listening to this in the livingroom.  They are both already starting to sing along.  So adorable! 

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