Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Sensory Bins

This is the first time we've ever done Sensory Bins.  I plan to make a new one (or 2) every month.  They will most likely go along with the season.  I imagine that as I continue to make more I will learn to get more and more creative with what to put in them. These are a big hit with the kids so far, and I am happy to show you them!  Originally I was going to just make one a month, for Kyla (I thought Kendrick might be too young).  However, I realized that plan was incomplete, as soon as Kendrick noticed what she had going on! So, I decided to make 2 a month, and the kids will take turns playing with them.  This month they have the same basic items, just in different colors. 

Here is the first one I made:
Sensory Bin #1
And here is the 2nd:
Sensory Bin #2
What's inside the bins:
  • Scrunchy Confetti paper (I have no idea what the actual name for it is)
  • Styrophome Squashes
  • Fall colored slinkies
  • Colorful leaf foam stickers
  • Nylon leafs (I picked these off of stems from fake flowers)
  • Brown paper bag
  • Orange plastic pumpkins
  • 2 Polka dot print cloth ribbons
Everything inside these bins, excluding the ribbons, were found at my local Dollar Tree store.  The little bins were purchased at Wal-Mart.  And, I believe my sister bought the ribbons for me a couple years ago in the little dollar section in Target.

I'm looking forward to making more of these, and will be posting every month when I do! I got the idea for these on one of my favorite homeschooling blogs, Counting Coconuts!  If you have any questions, or ideas, please feel free to comment!

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