Saturday, July 28, 2012


Well, this last week started off LAZY, after our vacation last week in Idaho.  It took me about a full week to recover after coming home! But it was worth every ounce of our energy. We made some amazing memories, and the kids had a blast!

On Tuesday morning, I was watching some Backyardigans with the kids in the livingroom {our new FAVORITE show!}, when I heard a noise coming from the kitchen.  At first I thought Micah (my hubby) was awake, as it sounded like he was pouring a cup of coffee.  Then I realized that my 20-month-old son was no longer in the room with me. So, I headed in to the kitchen to  find out what was up. I was in complete shock when I figured out what I was hearing... I was right, someone WAS pouring a cup of coffee... but it was NOT my husband, it was Kendrick (my son)!!! He had pulled a chair out from the kitchen table, over to the counter; climbed on the chair, grabbed a coffee mug, and poured himself a cup of Jo! No joke! So, I had to get a photo for the memory, of course. After all, he'd only spilled just a little bit.

So I cleaned up the mess, put the chair away, and brought my dissappointed boy back to the livingroom.  He REALLY wanted that coffee!! As soon as I was distracted again, I started to hear the same sound. This time, I decided to record what I was seeing on video. I figured if he did it once, he'd probably be just fine doing it again, although... as I watched, it took everything in me not to jump over and try to save him. I was convinced he would spill, or drop the cup and break it all over the floor. But, once again, my son surprised me all over again. You must see this video!

Can you even believe that? Cracks me up every time I watch it. Micah and I loved how he started to pour, and then put the coffee pot down to re-adjust the cup before he actually poured.  We may need to switch this coffee pot to decaf only - and get a secret pot for Daddy and Mommy to use... Shhh!! ;)

I'm thinking this would be a great coffee commercial!! I'd buy from that coffee company for sure!