Thursday, August 2, 2012


Some of you may already know, last week I started week one of Insanity: The ASYLUM. Here's my Day 1 review on YouTube... feel free to watch, and leave comments or questions! :) 

What I hadn't taken into account is that I found out a couple of my friends were doing CrossFit workouts in their garage gym, and I'd been wanting to join them for a while! I loved the idea of getting some cross-training in and trying something new. So I did it! It was an amazing workout! But I was soooo sore (for like, the next 3 days!!).  My body was totally shocked from all the lifting, and I loved it!

However, this left me with a dilema... do I quit The ASYLUM, and start over later? Or, do I quit these CrossFit workouts and finish Asylum? I was not ok with either one of these options.  SO, here's my plan.  I'm going to keep with my Asylum calendar, and check off each day 1-30 as I go. Then, if I take a break in between for a CrossFit workout (I will take a day of rest the day after, if needed)... Afterward, I'll simply pick back up where I left off on my Asylum schedule.  Make sense?

30-Day Asylum Calendar (adjusted to fit in CrossFit workouts)

Now, I've come to understand there seems to be some controversy between CrossFit and at-home workout programs, like P90X, Insanity, etc. I'm not sure if I completely understand why... but I'm sure someone will fill me in at some point. I think both are great, and plan to use both. My Asylum calendar keeps me on track, leaving me with no guess-work to put into my workouts at home... and I need that, since I'm not always able to get out of the house and have someone watch my kids. When I go to Tim's Gym,  he tells us the workout plan for that day, there.  So for me, this is a win-win, and... it keeps things interesting!

Tim put together a 6-week training program for people to do CrossFit workouts from home, and I'm also planning to incorporate that in my schedule this Summer... I love the community aspect, knowing that other people are doing the same thing, it's free, and they can do it at home with no equipment. Check it out on his blog! 

I started it (1 week late) last night.  Did the "Baseline Test" with my kids on my street. It was pretty cute - they joined in.  I definitely could have done better, was distracted some with the kids, but I did it nonetheless!

(And the kids attempted to join me!  Cora even ran 100m sprints with me!)
How did I do? Here you have it folks:
WOD1: 22.4, 8rds, 5pushups, 8situps, 2:09
The squats were killer! And there is only room for improvement here!

Cora (9) took my photo while doing the hand release push ups

If you decide to do the "Baseline Test," here are a few videos you might want to check out, so that you know what you're doing:
Also, you can download the "gymboss" app to your Android or iPhone for free, to time everything. It's super easy to use!

With all that said, I'm super excited to be getting involved with these CrossFit workouts, along with my Asylum schedule. I enjoy both of them a ton, and find it fun to get to choose which workout I'm going to do each day!

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