Thursday, June 28, 2012

So... You Want to Run a Half Marathon?

I have had quite a few of my friends express an interest in running, and in the same sentence tell me they're  "not athletic" like me... so they never could.  Uhhhh.... ARE YOU CRAZY??? Yea, I'm serious, I'm not the crazy one here - YOU ARE!

I am always baffled when I hear this statement, for a couple reasons:

1. first of all, I KNOW that most of them actually CAN, they're just puting limits on their abilities (probably stemming from some kind of fear of failure, if I had to guess from my own experience)!

2. And second of all, because, well, growing up... I was not someone you'd EVER find on a sports team, or running for pleasure.  I was not interested in even trying to run, because I didn't see the point. 

So, what I'm trying to say is that I really believe that ANYONE (without any major injuries) can make themselves a "runner".  It's just a matter of deciding if they WANT to or not!

MY STORY.... (stay tuned for step-by-step instructions on becomming a "runner").  I found myself taking interest in running shortly after my son was born, when I was ready to get in shape again. And I wanted a short-term goal to work toward.  So, I decided that running a half marathon would be it.... and, let me tell you, it was SO rewarding, crossing that finish line!

My dad and I at the finish line! SUCCESS!!

I'm telling you right now - if you want to conquer a race, whether it be the full Marathon, or a 5k... all you have to do is DECIDE you're going to do it!  There are so many great resources out there! So let me tell you where to start:

1. Go to and research your options.  Figure out which training schedule fits you best for your goal race. 

2. Google races in the area you want to run one. 
Example: If I want to run a Half Marathon in Seattle, that is what I put in the google search: "Half Marathons in Seattle".

3. Choose your race.  Make sure you allow yourself as many weeks as your training schedule requires.

4. Schedule your training. Put it on your calendar, or in your smart phone, or iPhone... set alarms, whatever you need to do.  And stick to it! 

5. Don't Worry. There will most likely be days that life gets in the way, you catch a cold, or the kids get the flu... and you can't get your run in.  This is just par for the course. Make it up the next day, or if it's  one of your shorter runs, just let it go.  Long runs are the important ones not to miss, so if you must, just  make it up another day, and make sure to give yourself a rest day the next day.

6. Have FUN! If this is your first race, or you're just getting back into running again... remember to enjoy it.  This is your time alone, to center, to do whatever it is that you do during your runs. Some days it will seem more like a pain than a positive thing, but on those days, you can remind yourself that you're doing this for YOU, you're making yourself healthier, and pushing your physical and mental limits! And you're about to conquer a race like a warrior because of it!

 Now that you've decided to be a runner... get excited!! Read runner's blogs.. or purchase a "Runner's World" magazine... learn from the experts cool tricks and tips while you're getting ready for your big race!

Leave me a comment if you decide to sign up for a race, or take up running!
I'd love to hear your story!!


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